Vanity + Shame

Vanity and Shame explores the notion of pairs and doubles, alienation and urban ennui. We are bystanders to a drama between two women in an ambiguous relationship with objects masquerading as third and fourth characters: the We Table, a table whose top, a one way mirror, invites both vanity and voyeurism; and Dutch designer Eelko Moorer’s sole-less stilt footwear.

Black Sun

Black Sun is a fashion/film collaboration with Dutch designer Eelko Moorer. His shoes act as representatives of a larger narrative of connection, fixation and isolation. Both shoes and film take as a reference point the Sol Niger, or black sun, which in alchemy refers to the first stage of transforming matter into gold. To Jung the black sun represents the process of psychological transformation. Inspired by Markus Enckell’s Youth Before a Skull, the boy is discovering what lies inside him – progressing through innocence, curiosity and realization.


Claw is a short film made to showcase the A/W10 footwear collection of London based designer Eelko Moorer. A domestic setting reflects the psychological state of its occupant by the appearance of delicate but distressing forms.